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NW Home Support Reviews

“We worked with NW Home Support when we needed to sell our home quickly and as is. Raeanne and her team were extremely helpful in the process and our home sold in a short amount of time. Their help was very instrumental in the process and their fee was lower than a traditional Real Estate agent. Kudos to a great company.”

~ Olivia F.

“I was in a jam and had to sell my mom’s fixer upper Reanne and her team helped me clean it out and get it ready for sale sold in 3 days. Highly recommend.

~ Noah M.

“I can’t say enough good things about working with NW Home Support!!! Reanne was mostly my contact person and she was amazing. She answers all texts, emails, and phone calls promptly. She is very friendly, professional, and the kind of person you would want as a friend. They came out to our home within a few hours of contacting them and they were honest, upfront, and courteous. We appreciated their time and effort. There was never any time where I felt that we had chosen the wrong people to buy our home. We had contacted a couple of other companies before NW Home Support and didn’t end up going with them for various reasons. NW Home Support is a very professional group of people. I will recommend them to everyone I know.”

~ Charlotte K.

“I’m a single mom. Five years ago, in an attempt to live the American dream, I bought a unique cosmetic fixer-upper house. While I got some projects and updates done other things kept breaking or needed maintenance…along with my daughter’s school commitments our life was very busy and all my free time was spent on house upkeep. I felt overwhelmed and constantly behind. I decided to sell my house and my agent told me I would need to spend at least 20,000 just to get it on the market. NW Home Support contacted me. Made me a cash offer that was fair, and reasonable to buy my house as is. Their process is responsive, respectful, and quick. I was able to become debt free, invested the money I made and now I live in a lower maintenance, newer place. NW Home Support literally gave me my quality of life back. I have time to travel and exercise now. They are the best!!!”

~ Liam V.

“We have purchased and sold 9 properties over the years with NW Home Support. We would not consider working with any other Agency. We used NW Home Support recently to sell a home in the Renton area…they got us the highest offer…we sold for more than I thought we could get, and more than any other similar home in our development. They are professional, kind, honest and most of all know the market and every aspect housing and construction better than any other Realtors I have ever worked with.”

~ Emma L.

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